Top 6 Cannabis Documentaries Worth Binging This Summer

1. Murder Mountain, Netflix

True crime, and a darker side of marijuana culture meet in Murder Mountain. This six-episode series documents salacious tales of mystery and killing in a small part of Humboldt County, California.

2. Rolling Papers, Amazon Prime

After the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado, local newspaper The Denver Post launched a website dedicated to weed articles. Rolling Papers provides a look into how journalists covered the early days of decriminalization.

3. Super High Me, Amazon Prime

Super High Me follows comedian and well-known stoner Doug Benson as he gets high for 30 days straight. His goal is to chart the effects marijuana has on the human body before, during, and after his month-long binge.

4. Weed the People, Netflix

Director Abby Epstein carefully refutes the opinion that pot is a gateway drug in Weed the People. She shows the struggles of families using cannabis to fight cancer to emphasize a more meaningful side to legalization.

5. Weediquette, Hulu

Travel with media correspondent Krishna Andavolu as he reports on the science, culture, and economics of cannabis decriminalization. Weediquette tackles complex topics like driving under the influence, autism treatment, and veterans using CBD to treat anxiety and PTSD.

6. Breaking Habits, Amazon Prime

Christine Meeusen didn’t allow her husband’s betrayal to stop her from creating a decent life for her family. Breaking Habits chronicles how the former business executive started a new company centered on marijuana cultivation.

Educate Yourself Through the Power of Film

We chose the best cannabis documentaries to inspire. They challenge perspectives and come with a sense of urgency to change the current marijuana climate. There isn’t an easier way to gain information and amusement than through the power of film.



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