How can HR leverage Metaverse in the new normal

Tell us about Metaverse in HR?

As you probably know, the metaverse is a 3-D space with digital avatars — an alternate digital or virtual reality. As remote working gains popularity the potential to use the metaverse has also increased. It will be the responsibility of HR to ensure that development and implementation of this technology is done in such a way that is inclusive, collaborative, and completely secure. For example — the technical acumen needed to embrace the metaverse may marginalise employees in the older age group, while younger tech natives will take to it easily. Or regions with less than optimal internet bandwidth will have to delay adoption of this technology until an infrastructural upgrade takes place. Workplace safety will have to include the virtual space as well and policies will have to be modified accordingly.

HR world is all about embracing technology and evolving with it. You are one of the frontrunners in this game, how do you think HR can utilise Metaverse in the Workplace?

The metaverse has the ability to make virtual interactions feel real. This feature alone makes a strong case for adopting the technology for HR.

We have seen many companies going on a hiring spree. Do you think Metaverse can impact the hiring process too, if so how?

Many experts believe that the field of talent management will be one of the first to adopt the metaverse. In fact some companies have already hosted a metaverse Career Fair for campus placement. By providing 2D access to an arena candidates could create avatars and explore job opportunities and interact with different elements on the platform. Some companies have done this in 3-D by leveraging Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

There is a section of people that believes metaverse is just an alternate/virtual reality made solely for entertainment industry and has no purpose in professional world whatsoever. What is your take on this?

There are companies that are already using individual or multiple elements of the metaverse, such as Oculus headsets, blockchain and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), wearables of IoT, and cloud technologies as a means of connection and new sources of revenue. These experiments are likely to grow in new ways as the developing technologies increasingly interconnect and mature. In fact Deloitte and smaller firms are offering services to help their clients to make sense of and benefit from opportunities presented in the growing metaverse. is among the major consultancies that have launched an initiative to help companies navigate emerging metaverse opportunities. Smaller firms are offering such services as well.

With everything moving towards the cloud, how do you plan to solve the issues such as data protection and other aspects related to security?

One of the key fears of using the metaverse is data security and privacy as it is able to collect a large amount of personal data from a user and in turn could be used to curate personalised products and services, sometimes without taking prior permission from anyone. In fact, just 20 minutes of VR use can generate some 2 million unique data elements. This includes things like the way you breathe, walk, think, move or stare. Immersive tech can track huge quantities of highly sensitive information, creating both lucrative opportunities for businesses and a wide spectrum of privacy and reputational risks to users.

  • Defining rights of users in the metaverse
  • Creating and enforcing data accountability and data protection responsibilities
  • Creating a rating mechanism for age-appropriate access and use
  • Protection against malware
  • Providing awareness of cyber threats
  • Sustaining audit capabilities
  • Reinforcing identity and validation standards



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