Ensuring a Work Culture of Inclusion and Equity in the FinTech Ecosystem

Diversity and Upward Mobility:

At Khatabook, we currently have a 21% gender diversity. We hope to achieve an ambitious target of 35% gender diversity over the next two years while hoping for 45 to 50% in the span of 5 years. We have observed that our diverse talent pool helps us in removing the data biases in traditional approaches and in redefining the customer experience. As a result, we can develop a more customer-centric product that provides a great experience by understanding what finance means for various segments of society.

Defining the New Age Workforce:

We, at Khatabook, intend to create an environment where everyone feels accepted, included, free to express, learn and grow. From the beginning of our journey, we have been mindful that Khatabook is the organization of people — All genders, orientations, caste & religions, regions and differently-abled. Hence, our people’s practices always focus on what’s best for all and our culture is defined by empathy towards each other. We have unlimited leaves, primary and secondary caregiver policy, hybrid work environment — all the practices which provide complete control to employees on how to plan their work at the company and collaborate with each other. On the D&I front, we have achieved some success in our 3-year journey, but we understand that we have a long road ahead of us. We educate our employees through sensitivity and diversity training about any inclusion policies Khatabook have in place against any kind of discrimination. We also have a primary and secondary caregiver policy for all full-time employees who are new primary and secondary caregivers, regardless of gender or sexuality. While primary caregivers are entitled to fully paid time off of up to 26 weeks for childbirth, adoption, or surrogacy, Khatabook also supports secondary caregivers by extending leaves of up to 4 weeks, regardless of their gender.

Transformative HR Practices:

Our employee retention rates are amongst the 90th percentile of startups. We have always been a people-centric organization with policies like unlimited leaves from the very beginning. We continuously pay attention to challenges our employees may be facing on any front and try to resolve them through our day-to-day people practices.



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